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Condensate is an unavoidable result of Air Compression and can cause severe corrosion of both Compressed Air Systems and Air Compressors if it’s not controlled properly. Compressed Air can also contain Oil, Water and Hydrocarbons, these contaminates are usually removed using various methods of Compressed Air Treatment such as Compressed Air In Line Filtration and Dryers

The Condensate collected by Filters and Dryers cannot be disposed of into normal drainage systems because the oil levels are far too high. It is a Legal Requirement to dispose of all Condensate via approved means. The simple solution is a Condensate Management System. We supply a range of Condensate Management Systems that separate compressor fluids from condensate. Using a Low Maintenance Filter System to separate the Oil from the Water means you can dispose of your Clean Condensate Fluid into a normal drainage system and collect Waste Oil into a special container.

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